We ensure that only properly qualified professionals are registered and allowed to practice in Gibraltar

Guidance For Doctors

Doctors in Gibraltar

The Government has enacted laws, by which any Medical Practitioner (a Doctor) who wishes to practise in Gibraltar; must be in possession of a registration with the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board (GMRB), whether they work for the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) or as private doctors and whether it is in the capacity of a full-time or part-time position.
This is a very important aspect of the GMRB’s remit because it is an important element of our work to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the people of Gibraltar. We all have the right to expect our doctors to be suitably qualified and trained, that they adhere to the highest professional standards and values and that that they behave in a manner that is compatible with a professional in whom we place our trust.

Registration Requirements

In order to be registered by the GMRB, it is necessary for the doctor to obtain registration and a license to practice with the General Medical Council in the UK (GMC).
This is subject to three statutory exemptions which waive the requirement to acquire prior to GMC registration and a license to practise in prescribed circumstances;

I. The doctor does not have a UK primary qualification, and

II. Is registered and in good standing in an EEA State, and

III. Can satisfy the GMRB that they carry out the majority of their substantive practice in the EEA State.

New Rules – License to Practice and Revalidation

As from the 1st of October 2019, new legal duties require ALL doctors working in Gibraltar to have a Responsible Officer and be part of a Clinical Governance system to demonstrate they are in good standing. This entails annual appraisals and preservation of reporting systems with their Responsible Officer.