We ensure that only properly qualified professionals are registered and allowed to practice in Gibraltar


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All Doctors, Dentists Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals who wish to practice in Gibraltar must first register with the Board. Registration is not only required by law, but also is a pre-requisite by insurers of medical indemnity and therefore practice without registration can result in severe penalties, which may include imprisonment and civil damages.

Below is a table of these professions together with their legally protected title.

Regulated professionProtected titles
Arts TherapistArt Therapist,Art Psychotherapist, Drama Therapist, Music Therapist
Biomedical ScientistBiomedical Scientist
Chiropodist and PodiatristChiropodist
Clinical ScientistClinical Scientist
Dental HygienistDental Hygienist
Dental TechnicianDental Technician
Dental TherapistDental Therapist
Dispensing OpticianDispensing Optician
Hearing Aid DispenserHearing Aid Dispenser
Occupational TherapistOccupational Therapist
Operating Department TechnicianOperating Department Technician
OptometristOphthalmic OpticianOptometrist Optician
Orthodontic TherapistOrthodontic Therapist
Orthotist and ProsthetistProsthetist Orthotist
Physical Therapist
Practitioner PsychologistClinical Psychologist,
Counselling Psychologist,
Educational Psychologist,
Forensic psychologist,
Health Psychologist,
Occupational Psychologist
Diagnostic Radiographer,
Therapeutic Radiographer
Speech and LanguageTherapistSpeech and Language Therapist,
Speech Therapist

Services provided by health professionals established in other European Union counties and the European Economic Area.

European regulations covering the mutual recognition of qualifications permit professionals holding qualifications in the appropriate profession to have these qualifications recognised and enable these professionals to practise their profession in Gibraltar without registration even if they are not based in Gibraltar but in another European Union country or a country in the European Economic Area. This is permitted provided they do so only on a temporary and occasional basis. These practitioners must however advise  the MRB of the starting and ending dates of their period of the provision of services on each and every occasion. The MRB will review the occurrences of  these services and if it considers that they are not temporary and occasional, the Board can prohibit further practice on this basis in Gibraltar and require registration with the MRB in accordance with the law to continue practising.